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I really need to learn design

Published: 02/02/2024
Updated: 02/02/2024

I just want to make a good-looking personal website.

Like, what I've got right now is fine but I want it to actually look good, you know? The thing is I just get it looking okay then give up - believe it or not this is actually a recent re-design I did yesterday evening.

I feel like what I've got here is actually decent, but it just feels so "default template"-ey and that wasn't the vibe I was going for. Maybe I need to do a more iterative design process and try to get it better bit by bit - rather than doing a full overhaul, not being happy with it, leaving it for a year+, then coming back and re-doing it all over again (without even trying to learn any design skills in between!).

Oh well, maybe I'll ask some of the designers I know for some pointers.

I refuse to actually use a well designed template, for no good reason.

- Marc