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An Actual Post (AKA The Real First Post)

Published: 04/09/2022

Yet another personal site/blog

I build one so frequently it's essentially a habit. I write these "a new site" posts every time too. This is definitely the simplest one yet though, just markdown files used to generate posts. Hopefully it will go well!

Check out the built with page of the site to see what it's built with, or check out the repo to see how it works. The README gives a decent explanation of that, alternatively, you can go source diving to figure it out (there's like 7 files to the whole thing). This is a static site so it's actually just generated via md files and then hosted via GitHub pages.

What will I post here?

Great question. Not sure of the answer

Why did you build this site then?

Bored, fancied building something, wanted to play with Svelte

Is this an FAQ now?

No, nobody has ever asked me these questions

What next?

I'm going to minify the css files, I don't like that GitHub has marked this repo as 50% CSS. Here's hoping that minifying them will rectify that